Leukomed® Control is a thin, absorbent hydropolymer wound pad. 

For use on dry to low exuding wounds. 

Indications include: surgical incisions, minor burns, lacerations and abrasions. 

Transparent, enabling quick and easy wound assessment without dressing change - saves time, cost and reduces risk of contamination.

Creates an optimal moisture level and adapts to skin’s elasticity. 

Highly breathable & conformable which prevents skin maceration & tension blisters. 

Excellent adhesion provides strong fixation, yet is gentle on the skin.

Creates a sterile, water-proof, bacterial and viral barrier. 

Range of sizes available. 

NOTE: Sizes shown are the external dimensions of dressings, not the wound pad size.


Laura suggested these dressings for my own pets dew claw which has ripped off and left the quick exposed. As soon an I placed the dressing on his foot with some hydrogel he seemed more relaxed and not bothered by it anymore! Beforehand a simple bandage and honey was causing him so much stress. I would highly recommend these dressings as they really do speed up the healing process.

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Leukomed® Control

  • Brand: Essity
  • Product Code: K031 - K035
  • Pack Size:

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