Manuka Foam™Air Dressing 10 x 10cm (4" x 4")

Manuka FoamAir advanced wound dressing is a sterile, customized foam, with medical grade Leptospermum Scoparium honey from New Zealand. Containing around 3 - 4g of honey, this unique dressing is about creating a balance between honey levels and exudate management. 

 Manuka FoamAir features a patent protected honeycomb cell structure that optimizes honey content and honey surface contact with the wound. The customized foam matrix maximises exudate absorbtion and retention while maintaining structure and conformability.

The highly breathable polyurethane backing supports exudate retention while preventing contaminants, including bacteria, from entering the dressing.

Manuka FoamAir helps create and maintain a balanced, moist environment that promotes autolytic debridement conductive to wound healing.

Manuka FoamAir is indicated for ulcers, burns, surgical wounds, trauma wounds, cavity wounds, and graft sites.

Key Features;

  • Excellent contact layer
  • CMH® Certified Manuka Honey*
  • Maintains moist wound environment conductive to debridement
  • Reduces wound malodour
  • Osmotic effect naturally draws harmful tissue from the wound bed
  • Ability to absorb and retain exudate

Sold in a pack of 10



*The CMH® mark provides assurance to healthcare professionals that the products meet a set of stringent and consistent requirements for purity and composition.

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Manuka Foam™Air Dressing - 10 x 10cm

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