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How to effectively use Collagen in Wound Healing
*Special Offer* 50% OFF Cyprofil Collagen. Did you know that Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the mammalian body and it acts as a structural scaffold in body tissues? Type I, II and III are the main collagen types, with Type I and Type III being important for wound healing (Li et al, 2007) and playing a vital role in all stages due to a chemotactic role...
Responsible Use of Antibiotics - New Educational Animation Launched
The International Federation for Animal Health Europe launches new animation ‘As little as possible, as much as necessary’ to help stress the importance of using antibiotics responsibly in both human and animal health.
BSAVA Winner Announced!
We would like to congratulate Di Wilson our BSAVA Congress prize draw winner. She has won £200 worth of John Lewis Vouchers. Thanks to everyone who came and visited our stand during the show, we had a brilliant time, roll on London Vet Show 2017.
London Vet Show Winner Announced
Our competition to win £200 worth of John Lewis Vouchers was won by...
Offer your diabetic patients quality U40 Syringes at extremely competitive prices
Owner compliance plays a vital role in the successful management of diabetes in cats and dogs. Administering the correct Insulin dosage and injection techniques are often reasons for failings in effective diabetic management. Many owners can struggle with drawing up accurate dosages and with the majority of diabetic cases being seen in felines, small and accurate dosages are the most commonly required. Sol-M insulin syringes, unlike more traditional insulin syringes feature half unit markings making the accurate drawing up of insulin easier for owners. Other benefits include being extra sharp which has been shown to give pet owners more confidence as well as being less painful for patients.
Graduate Masterclass further evolves the role of the Veterinary Wound Nurse
On Thursday 7th October BVNA were delighted to hold the first ‘Delving Deeper into Wounds’ graduate masterclass. This was the first event of its kind bringing advanced skills of critical appraisal to the RVN’s who had successfully achieved the DDIW Certificate. The day, which was headed up by Georgie Hollis (Veterinary Wound Library) and Debbie Gray (BVNA), focused on ‘putting evidence into practice’.
10 Tips to Barrier Nursing
Infectious diseases such as Parvovirus, Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Feline Infectious Enteritis, FIP, FeLV etc. must be nursed using strict isolation rules. If there is any doubt as to whether an animal has an infectious disease or not, you should err on the side of caution and it should be isolated. Every practice will have their own set of local rules and how you manage cases will also depend upon your facilities. Here's our top tips to help you with your barrier nursing cases.
The truth about invisible aerosol splatters - Simple Practical Advice
During dental procedures a visible spray is created during the use of handpieces, ultrasonic scalers and air-water syringes. This spray primarily consists of a large-particle spatter of water, saliva, blood, microorganisms, and other debris
Taking TPR's - An Essential Vet Nursing Skill
Everyday nursing skills such as taking a patient's Temperature, Pulse and Respiration are essential. Ensure your nursing team are confident, competent and unified in their approach to recording these parameters.
10 Tips for Correctly Placing a Penrose Drain
Penrose drains are passive wound drains that are required for the removal of tissue fluid or infection or prevention of fluid accumulation. Unfortunately they are not always placed correctly. Remember these top tips....
Win A Vet Nursing Prize Bundle
It's competition time! With our successful " You know when you're a vet nurse" memes, we thought we would hand over the reins and see what anecdotes you have and encourage you to share them on Pioneer Veterinary Products Facebook Page and offer a great prize to the one everyone loves the most!... see how to enter...
Effective wound care — the use of Pioneer’s dressings to optimise healing
There are a wide number of wound dressing products available on the veterinary market, with each dressing having a specific function in wound healing. In order to use these dressings appropriately, a sound understanding in the processes of wound healing is essential, and therefore which dressing is most suited to the different phase, in order to optimise wound healing. Wound debridement is also a key aspect of wound management, and again, knowledge of the different techniques, and materials, which can be utilised is essential, in order to select the most appropriate approach
Announcing Our New and Improved Website
After months of hard work we are pleased to unveil or new website. The website has been updated and improved showing our extensive range of products, it is now mobile friendly, allows product reviews as well as being more interactive with social sharing options and a regular informative blog....
Win a £20 John Lewis Voucher
To enter simply let us know what you think of our website by completing our feedback form. Should you need any help or can’t find what you’re looking for please do call us on 01304 831 831......
Who are Pioneer Veterinary Products?
We are specialist suppliers to veterinary hospitals and surgeries. We pride ourselves on supplying quality products at competitive prices with a prompt delivery and personal service. From product ranges and special offers, to ease of ordering, we aim to give you the very best, with the least stress.....
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