What does FG, RA or HP mean?

These letters identify the shaft and fixture type of the bur to your dental handpiece.

FG - Friction Grip Shank – a smooth shaft that fits the turbine of high-speed handpieces.

RALatch Type Shank – these are readily identifiable as having a smaller clip like end, these fit the latch of the contra-angle on slow speed handpieces. 

HP - Long Straight Shank - These shanks fit into the nose cone of the slow speed handpiece once the prophy angle or contra angle is removed. They are used for diamond cutting discs or long 44.5mm burs. The main use of HP burs is in the trimming of small herbivore cheek teeth1.

Which dental bur should I look at using?

Your bur choice will depend upon a number of factors. The size will be heavily influenced by the patient being treated and the shape will be dictated by the procedure, as well as the veterinary surgeons’ preference.

Here’s our quick bur shape selection guide:

  • Splitting roots of small teeth: Pear Head
  • Creating access points and channels for luxator blades in extraction: Round Heads
  • Sectioning multi-rooted teeth and reducing crown height: Crosscut Tapered Fissure Head
  • Crown amputation in FORLs: Small Round Bur 
  • Dental caries: A round tungsten carbide3 bur at a slow speed helps to remove the minimal amount of dental hard tissue while removing the softer caries

Cross cut or plain cut?

Straight bladed burs cut smoothly but are slower, especially with harder materials. Crosscut burs can cut faster due to the lack of debris build-up.

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